Can I reuse the lashes?

Yes if cared for properly our lashes can be reused up to 25 times!

How should I clean my lashes?

Bathe the lashes in makeup remover for at least two hours, or overnight. Remove and use a cotton bud to remove excess makeup from the lashes. Gently pull excess glue away from the lash band being careful not to damage them. Brush with a spool and leave to air dry. 

Are Luxee lashes cruelty free?

Yes! At Luxee it is very important to us that all our products are ethically sourced.

Do Luxee lashes come with adhesive?

Not at the moment but this is something we are working on!

What is the returns policy?

Please refer to our shipping and returns page for this information. 

How long will it take for my package to arrive?

Uk delivery is 2-5 working days but there may be a slight delay due the current pandemic. 


'The best lashes!'

'100% the nicest lashes I've purchased'

'Absolutely love the packaging'

'They came so quick!'

'They're so nice I love the packaging!'

'So amazing'

'They're the nicest lashes I've owned. Luna really suits my eye shape!'

'Normally when I wear lashes they always feel heavy on my eyes, but you can't even tell with these lashes'

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